Kazbekova Bisengul Kozbagarovna, Acting professor

Kazbekova Bisengul Kozbagarovna


Position: Acting Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Sciences

Academic degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Teaching disciplines: “Physics”, “Physics of solids”, “Innovative research methods and commercialization”, “Quantum Mechanics”, “Laser Physics”, “Physics of radiation of the body of matter”, “STEM research”, “Modeling of physical processes”.

Research interests: innovative educational technology development of a physics course.

Publications: new learning technologies — interactive learning, Ruhani zhangyru program for updating public consciousness International Conference 29. November 2018.

“The effect of the interline transition of electrons on the transverse magnetoresistance of silicon”, Innovative approaches in modern science. 19th international conference. Moscow, 2018.

“The use of ICT in Physics in order to improve the quality of training”, International Conference “Topical issues of education development in the context of information and economic integration” 28 February, 2019. Ust-Kamenogorsk

“Stem Learning Research” Republican Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists “Science, Research, Education: Development trends”

«Negative longitudinal magnetoresistance silicon on interline electron transitions», // News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Physico-Mathematical series. ISSN 1991-346Х Vol. 6, No. 340 (2021), 37–41. https://doi.org/10.32014/2021.2518-1726.99

«Longitudinal magnetoresistance of uniaxially deformed n-type silicon», Of the National Academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Series «Physics». № 2(106)/2022 Karaganda National University.

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