Association «Tagylym»

The purpose of the Association «Tagylym» the all – round development of creative abilities and independence of students, to organize leisure, cultural, educational activities at the University level. The work of the Association is carried out in both theoretical and practical directions. The head of the Association is Professor of the Department “Kazakh Philology” Nagbdu Sultansihkkyzy Kamarova.

Club «Journey to the world of Abay»

Since November 21, 2018, Yessenov University has a club «Journey to the world of Abay». The goal of the club is to give young people a spiritual impulse through the works of Abay. The head of the club is Professor of the Department of «Kazakh Philology» N. S. Kamarova. Members of the club are teachers and students of the University. Today, about two hundred members of the club held events as planned, and large-scale events will continue in the future.

«Atameken» club

The goal of the Atameken club of students enrolled in the specialty History – develop and shape a person, engaged in science and creativity, also form a cognitive horizons among young people through various seminars and conferences, arouse interest in studying the interesting life of science and its mysteries.

The head of the «Atameken» club:  Professor Bekeshov S.S.

Psychological club “Zhan syry”

The purpose of the psychological club “Zhan syry” is to advise students on academic and professional and personal issues. Also, improving the quality of psychological training of students by conducting psychological education, seminars and trainings, combining the educational process with practice.

The work of the club is conducted by Master of Pedagogical Sciences Yerubaeva Aitzhamal Ramazanovna.

There, together with senior students, conduct lectures and seminars for students on various topics, psychological trainings, therapies.

Scientific club “Lingua” at the department of “English Philology”

 Changes taking place today in public relations, communication media (use of new information technologies) require increasing the communicative competence of students, improving their linguistic training.

The work of the club “Lingua” help to understand the role of English as a universal means of interpersonal and intercultural communication, positive attitudes towards English language and culture of the peoples who speak it. Continues the acquisition of linguistic knowledge, formation of knowledge about the culture, life and traditions of the countries who speak English. Students gain experience in creative and exploratory activities in the process of development of such methods of cognitive activities, such as project work in the individual mode and the cooperation.