At the University named after Sh. Yessenov, in order to commercialize the scientific and scientific-technical result of the activity, built a multifunctional greenhouse “YESSENOV JILIJAY”. The greenhouse started its work in September 2019. Dill, vegetables, fruits and different varieties of flowers are grown on the area with covered soil. For continuous operation, the greenhouse is built with modern technology. Vegetables and fruits are provided with drip irrigation and a hydroponics system.
Last year, cucumbers and tomatoes of the highest grade, sweet peppers, mushrooms and strawberries of the Italian ALBA variety were grown. Now different types of greens are grown in the greenhouse (arugula, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, radish, etc.)

The first direction is the training of personnel for the development of the agro–industrial complex in Mangystau, developing the research character and culture of students. Students of the University majoring in Biology in the greenhouse conduct research and graduation work during the year. In 2019, 9 students of the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Pedagogy under the guidance of PhD Kozhamzharova L.S. defended their thesis at the highest level.

The second direction is the development of productivity and the production of an environmentally friendly product with the successful use of materials and innovative technology “Development of practical issues and greenhouse management in the climatic conditions of the Mangystau region”.

The third direction is the planning of courses “Greenhouse economy”, “In the greenhouse YESENOV”, “Young florist (designer)”, “Fundamentals of hydroponics” in order to improve the qualifications of young professionals and students.

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