Employer feedback

Mukhanova Zh.B.
Director of general education school №28;

As an employer representative, I got acquainted with the educational program 6B01506-Geography. The main goal of the educational program 6B01506-Geography – non-interruptible and systematic training of highly qualified specialists with deep fundamental, natural-scientific and informational knowledge in the specialty «Geography» to provide pedagogical support for the learning process, to implement educational and scientific-innovative activities with students in secondary schools. In general, the educational program 6B01506-Geography is composed competently and meets modern requirements.

Kenzhebekova Dina Tylekbayyzy
Director, GESS 8, Munaili district

The educational program 6B01505-Biology contributes to the preparation of competitive professional teachers with higher education in the field of education. The qualified teaching staff of the department annually replenishes educational institutions with new graduates. I wish the graduates of the program good luck in their professional development!

Graduation feedback

Duisenova Nurzhaugan Yybiraimkyzy
MES RK KN RSE "Mangyshlak Experimental Botanical Garden" head of laboratory "Floriculture", Ph.

The educational program 6B01505 – “Biology” prepares competitive, creative professional teachers with the higher education in the field of education. I hope that the many years of experience and dedication of the university’s teaching staff will contribute to the further development of the spiritual and intellectual level of your new students. I would also like to say to the new students of the university: you have chosen a worthy university, I wish you good luck in your professional development!

Kystaubayev Darkhan
Director of Kulandi Secondary School. Graduate of 2010

I am sincerely glad that I got an education at the KGTIU named after S.Esenov. I am grateful to the teaching staff of the university, who made a great contribution to my development as a professional specialist. I also thank the administration of the university, which had been created the opportunity and conditions for me to become a person.

Employer feedback

Kurazova Zauresh Zhauynbayevna
Director of the specialized Physics and Mathematics school No. 11 of Aktau

Considering that advanced technologies in the field of education will bring significant changes in the style of thinking and methodology of future teachers, we are working closely with the Department of Fundamental Sciences of the Caspian State Technological and Engineering University named after Sh. Yesenov.

The school I head has a high level of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science. In turn, the teaching staff of the Department of Fundamental Sciences are highly qualified professionals with deep knowledge and skills, constantly improving new technologies in accordance with modern requirements, changes in training programs by specialists.

We hope that in the future we will be able to continue and expand cooperation with the staff of the department, giving graduates a high-quality world-class education and providing them with competitiveness with the makings of leadership.

Zhuzbergenov Samat Kanatovich
Director of the secondary school named after S. Kondybai.

The first argument is evidence of the popularity among the country called “Yessenov University”, secondly, the contingent is increasing every year, and thirdly, most graduates are employed and show that they are competent specialists. The experience of the teaching staff of the university, its scientific works are known in Kazakhstan. This is evidenced by the achievements of thousands of students who studied with these teachers on the way to knowledge and science. Good luck to the Yessenov University team!

Graduation feedback

Primbetova Gulzhan Serikbayevna
Ph.D., head of the Department of educational and methodological work of the University "Turan" (Almaty), "Honorary Worker of Education"

Educational program 6B01501-Mathematics will prepare a specialist mathematician in demand in all fields of science, production, information technology, financial institutions and management, as well as solve the problem of shortage of personnel in this area in our region.

I am sure that the teaching staff of the university, having many years of experience, will make a huge contribution to the further development of the spiritual and intellectual level of your future students. As a graduate of this university, I want to say to the youth who became a student: You have chosen a worthy educational university, I wish you success in your professional development!

Demegenov Bauyrzhan
Caspian State University of Technology and Engineering. Sh. Esenov, Pedagogical Faculty, Master of the Department of «Natural Sciences»

The educational program 7M01502-Physics trains specialists who have a good knowledge of modern physics and pedagogical science in the field of education and science. Professors and teachers of our university, share many years of experience, have achieved good results in the training of competitive staff. Currently, in accordance with the requirements of education, teachers must be fully developed and creative. I think these qualities are present in the graduates who study at our university.  In addition, I wish success to the applicants «Yessenov University» Talented person has no barriers! Everything is ahead!!!