Dinara Bashykyzy, Assistant professor

Dinara Bashykyzy


Position: Assistant professor
Academic degree: Master of Technical Sciences
Teaching disciplines: fundamentals of information systems, cryptographic methods of information protection, security of operating systems
Research interests: Security of information resources of the enterprise: Identification of risks and methods of their elimination
Publications: more than 20 scientific papers, 2 textbooks
Courses of professional qualification, trainings:
1) Courses “Problems of Cybersecurity and information protection”  72 hours
2)Lecture Series in Scientific-Practical Research Writing for Higt
Impact Factor Journal Publication (72 hours)
Higher education in the framework of renewed educational content
modern pedagogical technologies
(240 hours)
4)Business Course MBA Personnel Management Training Personality
5) MBA Business Course Personnel Management Strategy
human resources
6)For participation in International Conferences, «Modern IT
Technologies» dedicated to the development of IT- induction and future professions
National Aviation University, Ukraine (54 hours)
8) Automated metering systems in power grid company, Mangistau Regional Power Grid Company JSC (54 hours)
9) Innovative technologies in organization of on-line interaction, non-commercial joint-stock company State Corporation “Government for Citizens” in Mangistau region (54 hours)
10) Innovative Technologies of Distance Education, Almaty Best Innovation Group Lnc (72 hours)

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