Demeev Akhmet Demeevich, Acting professor

Demeev Akhmet Demeevich

Position: Acting Professor

Academic degree: Candidate of Geographical Sciences

Teaching disciplines: Cartography with the basics of topography, Meteorology with the basics of climatology, General Earth Science, Methods of solving problems in geography

Interests: Problems of food security in the context of globalization

Publications: ” The author of 4 monographs to the total volume of 67,15 printing papers (1052 pages) and 5 brochures, about 200 scientific, scientific-methodological and journalistic works. The results of scientific research have been implemented in 5 industrial institutions and universities. Theses and reports are published in the proceedings of international congresses, symposiums and conferences: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Japan.

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