Department of “Natural Sciences”

“Іргелі биология” зертханасы

Laboratory "Fundamental Biology"

Students receive information on all sections of the subject “Biology”. After completing the laboratory work, the student makes a conclusion based on the obtained experimental studies. While performing laboratory work, students master physiological and laboratory methods and consolidate theoretical knowledge, as well as form general academic skills and systematize the studied material.

Laboratory “Physical Geography”

In the laboratory of physical geography, students are engaged in scientific research in order to replenish the knowledge gained in lectures in accordance with the program. This class is intended for practical training in the subjects of physical geography of Kazakhstan, the basics of landscape science, and soil geography. Students use physical cards throughout the lesson. The lessons use materials collected by students during field experiments.

“Физикалық география” зертханасы
“Қолданбалы биология” зертханасы

Laboratory “Applied Biology”

In the biology laboratory, laboratory work is carried out for students according to the program according to the practical work. Students are engaged in research work to further supplement the knowledge acquired at the lecture, determine and generalize the structure of plant organs, connections with the external environment, methods of reproduction, respiration processes (photosynthesis), and supplement their knowledge.

Laboratory “Methods of teaching biology”

The educational laboratory “Methods of teaching biology” is used for classroom and seminar classes. In addition, processing of information and materials obtained during practical classes, coursework and independent work, etc. used.

The laboratory room is equipped with shelves for storing educational and scientific collections. The lesson is conducted using modern laboratory equipment, collection materials, exhibits, photographs, posters and diagrams.

«Биологияны оқыту әдістемесі» зертханасы

Laboratory "Analytical Chemistry"

Laboratory classes are conducted in the subjects of qualitative and quantitative analytical chemistry. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of cations and anions, as well as systematic and individual determination of the composition of substances by the drop method, microcrystalloscopy, group reagent.

Laboratory of Organic Chemistry and Polymers

The laboratory deals with the separation and purification of substances, analysis and synthesis of organic compounds using various methods. The laboratory has developed methods for purifying organic substances: distillation, extraction, re-distillation, crystallization methods.


Laboratory "General Chemical Technology"

The laboratory of general chemical technology is designed to carry out experimental work related to the production of basic products of inorganic and organic production. The general chemical technology laboratory is one of the most complex chemical laboratories, as it is equipped with a variety of reaction, heating and control equipment, and is associated with labor-intensive and carefully constructed premises.

Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemistry

Designed for laboratory work on the reactivity and properties of chemical elements and their inorganic compounds. In the laboratory, laboratory work is carried out according to the basic laws of general and inorganic chemistry: determination of the molecular mass of gaseous substances in the Kipp apparatus, determination of the equivalent molar mass of metals in a calcimeter, redox properties of substances, etc. b. properties are defined.


Laboratory of Physical and Colloid Chemistry

Physical and thermodynamic methods for analyzing equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems, the theory of kinetics and catalysis, as well as electrochemical laboratory work in the laboratory of physical and colloidal chemistry. The laboratory carries out calorimetric, thermal, potentiometric, ebuloscopic, and gasometric methods of analysis.

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