Department of “Fundamental Sciences”

Specialized Laboratory "Physics"

The specialized laboratory for general physics is equipped with modern German-made devices using new technologies.

Which make it possible to see and record such phenomena as a hologram, the resonance of sound waves on a Helmholtz resonator, radiation of an absolutely black body, etc.

The main purpose of these laboratory works is to consolidate theoretical material, develop skills and practical skills to work with tools and devices.

Educational laboratory "General Physics"

The educational laboratory “General Physics” provides training in physics, taking into account the needs of specific training of engineering and technical specialties in the sections mechanics, molecular physics, electrical and magnetism, optics and atomic physics.

Educational laboratory "Electricity, magnetism and optics"

The educational laboratory “Electricity and magnetism, optics” is designed for practical and laboratory classes in the discipline “Electricity and magnetism” and “Optics”. The task of the laboratory is to deepen and strengthen in practice the theoretical knowledge gained by students in the process of studying the course of general physics.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and laboratory installations of EMC, FPE-05, FPE-07, allowing students to conduct various experiments and experiments.

Educational laboratory "Technique of school experiment"

The experimental method in teaching physics in secondary school is one of the main methods of teaching physics. In a very accessible and visual form, he introduces schoolchildren to a demonstration approach to the knowledge of physical phenomena, patterns and processes in science — physics.

The laboratory “Technique of school physical experiment” is designed to ensure high-quality laboratory work in all sections of the school physics course.

Educational laboratory "Mechanics and Molecular Physics"

The educational laboratory “Mechanics and Molecular Physics” is a structural unit of the Department of Natural Sciences. The laboratory provides the experimental part of the Physics sections – “Mechanics” and “Molecular Physics”.

The task of the laboratory is to form practical skills that would provide an opportunity to analyze the processes taking place in the field of mechanics and molecular physics, to teach to evaluate the corresponding physical quantities. In the laboratory workshop, students acquire skills in working with various devices, study the features of the experiment, get acquainted with the methods of statistical processing of the results of the experiment

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