Urbisinova Gulzira Urinbasarovna, Assistant Professor

Urbisinova Gulzira Urinbasarovna


Position: assistant professor of the Department “Science and technology”.

Academic degree: Master of Computer Science

Teaching disciplines: “Algorithm project and analysis “,” Object-Oriented Programming in the language of Python”,” Programming in the language of C/C++ and C#”,” Programming in the language of Lazarus”,         “Programming in the language of Java”, “Workshop on solving Olympic problems in Computer Science”. Scientific interests: Programming in Python, C/C++, C#, Lazarus, Java.


  1. Organization of monitoring and evaluation of students ‘ knowledge in Computer Science in high school.International YESSENOV readings”the conference. Aktau, Yessenov University, October 18-19, 2018 Volume II 270p.
  2. Effective use of elements of critical thinking strategy in classes. Sh. Yessenov Caspian University of technology and engineering, Aktau, Kazakhstan

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