History of the Faculty of “Science and Technology”

The Faculty of Science and Technology was created by the order of the rector in 2020 as a new faculty from the Faculty of «Pedagogics». Earlier, in 2013, the pedagogical faculty trained specialists in all pedagogical specialties. Since the 2020-21 academic year, the new faculty has started work in the direction of preparing programs in the pedagogy of natural and fundamental sciences and computer science specialties. In 1996, Aktau branch of the Atyrau Pedagogical Institute together with the Aktau Polytechnic Institute was established Aktau University named after Sh. Yessenov.

This year the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Science and Technology. Dean of the faculty K. K. Makulov.

In 2001, the Faculty of Pedagogy had been established. In different years, the deans of the faculty were S. S. Isabayeva, L. D. Diyarov, B. B. Suleimenova.

On May 13, 2005, by order of the Rector of the University №. KNC 1/56, the “Pedagogical” Institute was established. In different years, the directors of the institutes were Orynbayev A.A., Botagariev T.A. On September 1, 2009, by order of the rector No. KNTs-3/143, the Institute of Pedagogics was renamed the “Institute of Pedagogical Technologies”. The directors of the Institute were R.A. Nurmukhametova, A.K. Akhmetov and B.A. Koshimova. In 2013, by order of the rector, the “Institute of Pedagogical Technologies” was transformed into the faculty of “Pedagogy”. Koshimova B.A. has been Dean of the Faculty since 2013.

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