Zhumadilova Mereke Bapanovna, Head of the department of “Computer Science”

Zhumadilova Mereke Bapanovna


Position:  Head of the Department «Computer Sciences»

Academic degree: PhD in engineering, (associate professor)

Teaching disciplines: «Security of information systems», «Cryptographic methods of information protection», «Methods and models of management», «Protection of information in telecommunication networks», «Introduction to research»

Scientific interests: Data security, information protection, mathematical modeling of information processes, simulation modeling


1) Model of cybersecurity means financing with the procedure of additional data obtaining by the protection side: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Informtion Technology, January 2020. P. 1-14 | Vol. 98 ISSN: 1992-8645

2) Multifractal Properties of Traffic Generator Based on Markov Chains:


3) Modern infrastructure of general education: Scientific and practical conference for the day of scientists, Aktau, YU, 17-29 April, 2020, volume II, pp. 449-453.

4) Open University in Kazakhstan: advantages and development: The magazine Internauca®   19 (148), part 1, RINC, May 2020, pp.30-33.

International internships: France (Paris), Spain, Russian Federation (Moscow), Israel (Tel. Aviv). Winner of the title «The best teacher of the university»(2012)-

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